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Hozier On World Cafe


Hozier performing live during this World Cafe Session
Still from video, WXPN

Hozier performing live during this World Cafe Session

Hozier is an artist who can create musical moments big enough to galvanize every molecule of air around them into action and tiny enough that they can burrow themselves in the hidden corners of your own heart. His ability to do both on the same album — and sometimes, even on the same song — is what makes him so special.

Your first introduction to Hozier was likely on the massive musical side of things. "Take Me to Church" came out in 2013 and was featured on his self-titled debut album the following year, launching him into absolute international superstardom.

His latest EP, called Nina Cried Power, opens with a similarly rousing song that pays tribute to artists who have raised their voices in protest over time like Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell, Curtis Mayfield, and Mavis Staples, who is featured on the song. But by the last track of his EP, Hozier zooms in on a tiny bird of prey, a Shrike, and uses it as a surprising and powerful metaphor for love.

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We'll talk about both those songs today and hear performances Hozier recorded for us in front of a live audience. Hear it all in the audio player.

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Hozier performs live for the World Cafe
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