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Tide Pods? Flying Rays? Here's Superorganism's Sea-Themed Trip For 'The Prawn Song'


From "The Prawn Song"
Courtesy of the artist

From "The Prawn Song"

Here's a running list of things that you can find in Superorganism's latest music video for "The Prawn Song": whales swimming outside of airplanes, manta rays flying down a residential street, animated police prawns speeding off of pixelated cliffs, the zany eight-person collective reincarnated as crustaceans on a grill, baby-faced frontwoman Orono looking slightly underwhelmed, like she always does. And of course, Tide Pods.

"You people are all the same / going blah blah blah, going bang bang bang," Orono sings as she marches past a prawn selling discount electronics. There are warnings about microplastics and Internet text speak, video game screens and orange soda. Like the rest of Superorganism's trippy, nonsensical videos, it's one to watch.

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