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DJ Sessions: Mixing Cultures And Sounds In Jazz

On her show DreamFarm Radio, DJ Julie Lavender (@Julie_Lavender) invites jazz musicians from around the world to visit her New Hampshire barn and show off their far-flung influences and virtuosic sounds.

For this week’s Here & Now DJ Sessions, Here & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson speaks with Lavender about her latest visitors, including harmonica player Roni Eytan, band leader Max Ridley and The Macayú Chamber Jazz Trio.

Note: We have a Spotify playlist and an Apple Music playlist for our weekly DJ Sessions.

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Music From The Segment

Roni Eytan and Shachar Elnatan, “Kings Highway”


Max Ridley’s Basement Show Philharmonic, “Dream”


The Macayú Chamber Jazz Trio, “Inseguranca”

The Venezuelan Project, “Roots Medley”


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