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'I'm Old As Dirt But I Can Still Sing': Sweet Pea Atkinson On 'Get What You Deserve'


Sweet Pea Atkinson's first solo album in 35 years, <em>Get What You Deserve</em>, is out now.
Mathieu Bitton, Courtesy of the artist

Sweet Pea Atkinson's first solo album in 35 years, Get What You Deserve, is out now.

Sweet Pea Atkinson's croon is probably best exhibited in the campy 1980s MTV hit "Walk the Dinosaur" by the group Was (Not Was). The track featured the Detroit singer's distinctive growl, and the accompanying music video cemented his dapper image with his wide lapels and trademark fedora.

Since then, Atkinson has kept a lower profile, serving as a background vocalist for numerous artists: Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and others.

Now, at 72, he is back with a solo album of covers that span funk, blues and soul. It's titled Get What You Deserve, and it's his first in 35 years. Hear Atkinson and producer and former bandmate Don Was discuss the record at the audio link above.

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