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Nicole Werbeck Returns To NPR As Supervising Editor For Photography


Nicole Werbeck
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Nicole Werbeck

NPR Director of Visual Journalism Keith Jenkins shared the news of Nicole Werberk's hiring in an email to staff earlier today.

Hey there,

What a summer it's been! Lots of news and lots of change at NPR Visuals. Today I am very pleased to announce that Nicole Werbeck, former digital editor here at NPR, will be returning to the NPR Visuals team as the Supervising Editor for Photography.

For the past four years, Nicole has been a Senior Digital Photo Editor at National Geographic. While there, Nicole managed a team of 5 photo editors, assigned and edited photo and multimedia stories from across the world to publish online and in their prestigious magazine, and helped run NatGeo's social media accounts. Nicole worked with veteran National Geographic photographers and editors as well as recruited new photographers in to the fold. Nicole helped bring Agile methodologies into the NatGeo newsroom and worked as a multimedia coach for the Society's grantees and explorers.

As many at NPR may recall, Nicole broke much ground here as part of the NPR homepage team that helped develop the website's look and feel, breaking news capacity, and multimedia storytelling. Nicole was an editor and writer, trainer, and, along with the other homepage editors, served as the template for the engagement staff we have today.

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Prior to joining NPR, Nicole spent 10 years as an editor at The Washington Post. Nicole was a Projects Editor, Photo Editor, and Deputy News Editor. She worked on a variety of important stories, from the September 11, 2001 attacks to Hurricane Katrina. While at The Post her duties included managing photographers on their multiple Pulitzer Prize winning staff, art directing the Sunday Outlook section, and working with the executive editor to select stories for the front page.

Nicole brings a world of first-class experience to her new role here at NPR and I'm thrilled to have her join at a time when NPR's Visuals has more aggressively and innovatively stepped up to bring the very best visual storytelling to our news coverage. This summer, we've seen distinctive work on the video side from Skunkbear and the eclipse, for example. And our photographers Claire Harbage and Ryan Kellman deployed right alongside other reporters in Houston to show the scale and humanity of the Hurricane Harvey disaster. And we couldn't have done it all without Emily Bogle very capably coordinating our coverage behind the scenes.

Nicole gets to work on the first Monday in October; please join me in welcoming her when she arrives.

Keith W. Jenkins

Director of Visual Journalism

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