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World Cafe Nashville: Daddy Issues


Daddy Issues' debut album is <em>Deep Dream</em>.
Kelsey Hall, Courtesy of the artist
Daddy Issues' debut album is Deep Dream.

Daddy Issues formed out of friendship in 2014 and has become one of Nashville's most exciting punk bands. Guitarist Jenna Moynihan, bassist Jenna Mitchell and drummer Emily Maxwell all came to the city to attend Belmont University and met through its thriving DIY scene. Blending a love of noise with powerful melodicism and a knack for capturing the ups and downs of millennial life, Daddy Issues is part of a wave of young women challenging the clichés of both rock music and feminism.

The group's songs blend humor and pathos within a fuzzed-out matrix of guitar riffs, punchy beats and vocals that seem to articulate thoughts exactly as they're forming. After signing to Nashville's premier punk label, Infinity Cat, Daddy Issues released the EP Can We Still Hang in 2015; its debut album, Deep Dream, is out now. The trio joined us in Nashville, Tenn., at the Tracking Room Studios — hear the session in the player above.

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