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KNPR Listeners Express Opposition To Stadium Proposal

KNPR’s State of Nevada has spent several months reporting on the proposed domed stadium that supporters say could not only bring the Oakland Raiders here but also help Southern Nevada keep its status as a top tourism destination around the world.

The proposal is now in the hands of Governor Brian Sandoval. The governor will decide whether to call a special session of the Nevada Legislature. The Legislature must decide whether to approve the hotel room tax hike needed to fund the $750 million public money component of the deal. 

In our two hour discussion about the stadium, ESPN Radio host Mitch Moss said a majority of his listeners supported the idea; however, most of the tweets, Facebook posts, emails and comments in our comment section have not been favorable to the idea. 





Support comes from


Emails from listeners:

"NV EDU situation is an issue!  But not funding the stadium will not fix that issue!

tourist tax already significantly funds EDU in NV, and we are still 49th.  This is net new revenue that would never be approved for the sole purpose of EDU funding.  IF NV residents are concerned about EDU, then pass a tax specifically for that purpose? 

people keep saying this is “public money”?  its not yet.  only way it will be is if this stadium gets approved!   People are fooling themselves if they think that if they vote down the stadium, that NV will turn around and approve new taxes of $750m for edu.  

I believe that tourist tax already funds ~30% of EDU, and this stadium increases it $13m/yr, at a cost of $50/yr (which is what we (public) would be contributing per year ($750 over 15 yrs, last I heard)."

Andy Taylor/Las Vegas Resident


"Like the caller Tom from Summerlin just said, Adelson has too much political power in this town and his only goal is money, not the public. The public is getting screwed with this deal -- $750 million? Really?! Compared to Sands' $650M (or up to $600 I also read) and Raiders possible $500m. Who cut OUR deal, Sheldon's attorneys?! Sweet for him, sour for us.

Fact: Room taxes currently don't keep all money earmarked for education IN education. It is a supplement tax that gets supplanted. Yes, Gov Sandoval et al did a good deal of groundwork for education in last leg session (mostly money for categoricals) but there is so much more room for improvement!

We need to fund the base for education. Nevada continually ranks 49th in education compared to other states, our 2016 Children's Report Card gives us an F again, and Nevada only funds its students at HALF the national average ($5700 compared to $11,000).

No one is fighting to make sure our current and future students and our collective future is invested in and protected. Where is that guarantee? The stadium and investors get one, but not education.

The "9,000 new jobs" the stadium is supposed to bring in sounds short-sighted and paltry as far as incentive for an educated populace. And how high-tech are these jobs? Will the majority of concession workers, parking attendants, ticket takers, etc. even get minimum wage?

Make Nevada alluring for businesses in tech, engineering, manufacturing, etc to want to come here besides just for a sin-city retreat. Business don't want to come to Nevada for two reasons: One our education system is so poor, executives don't want their kids learning here, and two, new businesses don't have a pool of educated talent to choose from. Reasonable. You want to see ROI? Invest. In. Education.

2015 Legislative Session paved way for more good work/money into education. Hopefully 2017 will be even better. Legislators need to do what's best for our state and communities and students, not their political careers. Raising money for education isn't popular, but guess what? Neither is funding this stadium on the backs of taxpayers.

Do we need a stadium? Not as much as we need to elevate education in Nevada, through word, deed, investment, commitment, and social and community consciousness.

Sheldon Adelson can use his political weight to get a special session for his pet project, how about he use that same political force to influence policy makers to focus and fund education -- and then set a precedent (much like the paid parking did a la MGM's new arena) that Las Vegas casinos pitch in to fund education and the hungry workforce who lives all around them."

Julie Vigil 

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