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Did You See That? Pop Culture and Celebrity Sightings of NPR


Bob Boilen, Simpson-ized.
Courtesy of The Simpsons
Bob Boilen, Simpson-ized.

We've been seeing a lot of NPR lately; not just around the office, but on some of our favorite shows. Check out the public radio faces, totes and mugs that ended up in a few interesting places.

Laura ditches her R&B girl group to perform a solo set at a fictionalized Tiny Desk. Did you catch Cookie's fierce glare behind the studio glass?

A giant noodle monster is terrorizing Portland and Marketplace's Kai Ryssdal is deployed to save the day with "Operation Driveway Moment." The hosts' story about returning to a favorite noodle shop in Beijing is enough to subdue the monster into quiet reflection — but the spell is broken by a pledge drive plug.

Diane Rehm is a 'celebrity superfan' — alongside Ice T — at a knock-off "Game of Thrones" book event.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
For all you All Things Considered foodies, Paul Welsh' smooth character Trent Maddock is sporting the apron of your dreams.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

NPR is on the scene, covering a press conference in the DC comics Extended Universe.

The Simpsons

You may have seen Bob Boilen, host of All Songs Considered and creator of the Tiny Desk, on The Simpsons in February. In the episode, "Gal of Constant Sorrow," he hosts a show called "Mountain Trax" and interviews a down-on-her-luck folk musician Bart and Lisa have taken into their home.

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He's not the first NPR voice turned into a Simpsons character. The Washingtonian details the other public radio personalities, including Robert Siegel, Terry Gross and Peter Sagal, who have appeared over the years.

Have you spotted an NPR tote bag in the background of your favorite show? A Morning Edition mug in a movie trailer? Take a screenshot and share it with us on Twitter via @NPRExtra.

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