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Sandwich Monday: We're Full


Even Robert's patented Double Eagle Sandwich Grip of the <a href="">Abe Lincoln</a> in 2014 couldn't contain the mashed potatoes.
Even Robert's patented Double Eagle Sandwich Grip of the Abe Lincoln in 2014 couldn't contain the mashed potatoes.

In 2010, we started eating sandwiches. Five years later, we are officially full. From now on, Sandwich Monday is going to be an occasional feature here on The Salt, rather than a regular one.

There are many reasons, but mostly it's because Miles knows a guy who knows a guy who says he can replace all of our blood with gorilla plasma and this will undo everything we've done to our bodies since the series began, but he only works on Mondays.

We'll still surface to talk about new, disgusting sandwiches (and new, disgusting other things that we will never admit are not sandwiches) when they come along. And when we all inevitably die, sometime in the next 15 minutes, these are the images that will flash before our eyes:

The Unhealthiest Things We Ate: The Kevin Butler, The Ignatius R, The Arby's Meat Mountain

The Worst Thing We Ever Ate: The Land, Sea, and Air Burger

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The Most Yogurty: Yogurt For Men

The Second Most Yogurty: Soylent

The One We're Most Likely To Have Nightmares About: The Egg Rollie

The Most Surprisingly Delicious: The St. Paul Sandwich, The Jim Shoe

Thank you all for participating in the comments. That's what made this fun. That, and watching Robert nearly choke every Monday. We'll miss that most of all.

Sandwich Monday is a satirical feature from the humorists at Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!

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