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Nancy Lee Weiss


Nancy Lee Weiss


Realtor and Small Business Owner

Political Office

State Assembly District 13

Political Affiliation


How would you describe yourself to voters?

I am a person of integrity and grit. I'm a Constitutional Conservative who stands strong for our rights and liberties and will fight like a junk yard dog to keep those rights and liberties! I believe in speaking TRUTH even if it is uncomfortable to hear and in making hard choices that will benefit Nevadans. I understand much of what people struggle with as I have walked in many of the same shoes. I taught school for almost two decades and received my Master's Degree in Education so I understand how teachers are struggling to get the help they need to empower their students with a quality education. I am a small business owner and I understand the challenges of birthing that business and seeing it thrive when government keeps strangling the business with overburdensome regulations. I have a son who is a first responder and one who is a Veteran so I understand the challenges of our first responders and Veterans. I am a senior citizen and widow so I understand how hard it is to navigate through Medicare especially for women who have lost a spouse. I have two siblings who are affected with Fragile-X syndrome, so I understand mental health and disability challenges. With age brings wisdom. Yet, I can't count on just my age to help me in that area. I pray daily that God will grant me yet more and more wisdom. I'm not entering this race as a popularity contest or a grab for power as some might be. I am entering this race because I see the need to elect people of integrity and GRIT who will not be swayed by leftist agendas!

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

Election Integrity, School Reform, Economic Growth, Return to Law and Order

In your opinion, how would you rate the state’s response to the pandemic? Why?

Any time our Constitutional Rights are jeopardized it is time to rethink who in the seat of government is calling the shots and have them removed! Closing everything down destroyed our economy and drove out small business owners many never to return again. Masking people and even small children did nothing to prevent the spread of Covid as evidence now supports. Closing Churches??? WOW! God and our Church community are exactly what we did need to navigate mentally, emotionally, and spiritually with what was going on but they were classified as Non-essential? But bars were Essential? Where has all the common sense gone? I feel that our Governor was a lemming following the leftists grab for power. And power OVER the people is what the left always seeks, not power TO the people!

Education and local government officials have long asked lawmakers to change the way the state assesses property taxes. That includes raising the current tax threshold. Should lawmakers consider raising those thresholds? If not, what is the best way for governments to raise money for local programs?

No, the tax thresholds should not be raised. The government should better manage the money that they have. Less spending not more taxing! It's too easy to spend other people's money and that is why I demand more government accountability and transparency! The answer is not to grow the government but to get them out of the business of sticking their nose into every aspect of our lives!