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Monique Richardson


Monique Richardson


small business owner

Political Office


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How would you describe yourself to voters?

Woman of faith, with a heart for God, Nevada, and change.

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

My campaign isn't the typical political campaign. It is more of a spiritual campaign. I believe that God needs to be introduced and reintroduced to Nevada.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate Governor Sisolak's handling of the pandemic? Why?

It was mishandled in so many ways, it doesn't deserve a rating. I strongly believe he did what he saw others do and he never took in account how it would affect Nevada. It appears Sisolak serves self of the people.

As governor, what specific steps will you take to improve education in Nevada?

Daily our children say the pledge of allegiance. Part of the speech says, "One Nation under God", it is time we bring God back into our school system. I understand it may be a hard concept to grasp for those who are more physical than spiritual. However, when we disregard God we allow the enemy to control things. Our school systems are unknowingly making agreements with the enemy by saying it is ok for a boy to be a girl and vice versa. Teaching them things that aren't part of God's law. Also, the school district needs to be broken down into smaller districts. Clark County is too extensive for one superintendent to properly and effectively handle.

In many ways, Nevada’s economy has recovered from the pandemic. However, the state has seen some of the fastest growing home and rent prices in the country, more than 10,000 former casino workers are still out of work and inflation threatens to undermine the state’s working families. As governor, what would you do to protect the economic interest of Nevada’s families?

Rent control.