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Mary Lim


Mary Lim


Law Enforcement Officer

Political Office

Assembly District 34

Political Affiliation


How would you describe yourself to voters?

I’m a Constitutionalist Conservative, who loves God and this Country. As a private citizen and mother of 5, I’ve actively fought against Government overreach at the legislative level, for years. The year 2020 only fueled my fire even more. I have a keen eye for Government overstep and have publicly stood for Nevada’s civil liberties in past sessions, while demanding the Constitution be upheld in its entirety. I didn’t just sit on the sidelines this whole time and decide to run; I’ve been in the fight for Nevadans and essentially, fought for people who didn’t realize they would soon need it. Be it violation of Parental rights, bad Education bills, impeding on Patient Rights, overstep into Religious Freedom, the breakdown of Health freedom, Gun Rights, Election Integrity, etc. I’ve been in the trenches, alongside with the people of Nevada. We must protect the conservative structures as the framework of our great nation and I intend to bring my same warrior mentality and fighting spirit to the Legislation. Nevada’s future is worth fighting for; my kids’ future is worth fighting for. By halting government attempts to impede on every aspect that details our quality of life, we ensure all Nevadan residents to thrive and prosper.

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

1) Medical mandates have crippled our economy; it eradicates freedom and violates Informed and Voluntary consent. Allow people health freedom to choose and stop allowing government to force what goes ON your body and IN your body. 2) Education consistently ranks among worse in nation and calls for drastic measures. Academics are a fail and school campus violence is out of control. I have detailed plans to implement, on my website. 3) Crime is a serious concern and has to do with past gutting of a bill, current reform systems, and the normalization of Covid masks. 4) Election Integrity is a public concern as many people do not feel their voices were heard. Officials literally changed our voting laws in 2020, behind closed doors, in the dark of the night- and citizens know who voted in favor and won’t forget. We need to restore peoples’ faith in a fair elections and secure it by mirroring what other States (such as Arizona and Georgia) have done. It’s a not that difficult: Require Voter ID, ban Dominion like Nye County did, return to paper ballots, and stop DMV automatic registration.

In your opinion, how would you rate the state’s response to the pandemic? Why?

The State’s response was handled poorly; it was an absolute abuse of prolonged emergency powers… and still, of which, has not yet been declared an end to this day (only suspended with lifted restrictions). Considering facts and stats, outside my opinion: The Governor sky-rocketed Nevada’s unemployment, mental health and suicides, and crime rates. It took one brave person to sue the Governor’s ban on Hydroxychloroquine, a life-saving treatment medication. It is now being prescribed and saving lives. The State ignored Patients Rights and patients were given fatal treatment protocols, forced to pass alone, with no advocate or loved one at their side, then people were forced to grieve their deceased loved ones via a Zoom link. Churches were shut down, while marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores remained open; it took several brave people to sue the Governor, which resulted in our churches re-opening by Dec. 2020. The Governor paid a pretty penny for that one. Businesses were threatened and fined; no business owner likes the Government affecting their bottom line and owners felt extorted. All people are essential and government has no right to deem who is not essential. Nevadan children were kept out of school, student depression and student suicides sky-rocketed, while other State Governors quickly figured out the virus was another flu and carried on. Distance learning here made kids fall behind even more, academically. Then once campuses were open, kids weren’t allowed to breathe air for 6+hrs./day. Schools were a mess: teachers taped masks onto heads of children, scolded them if they hugged a friend or got closer than 6ft., water fountains were shut off at the fountains, and kids weren’t fed lunch because schools couldn’t figure out how to physically distance everyone. So they miraculously reduced 6ft to 3ft. Employees were forcedtested against their will and private medical info was made public daily. The district had a mass exodus of great educators when they attempted to medically assault teachers. They put children on city buses to be followed by pedophiles. Meanwhile, sports stadiums were filled with unmasked people, while children suffered nearly 2 years of not being able to read social cues, facial expressions, or clearly understanding verbal lessons. People are now victims of sky-rocketing and violent crime because masked strangers have become the norm; it’s not. Breathing fresh air is an instinctual need. Being able to identify faces is also an instinctual need- whether for human connection or being able to identify a person’s ill will toward you. First responders were deemed essentials and hailed as heroes for working everyday in 2020 without a vaccine. Most of them caught it, survived it, and attained natural immunity. By 2021, those same heroes were being fired for refusing to take an experimental pharmaceutical product from a liability-free industry. Families were separated at restaurants and not allowed to dine together because of caps placed at restaurant tables. We are now headed into the 3rd year of false Emergency Orders (still not declared an end, only temporarily lifted) and if people don’t vote right this year, Nevada could be masked up and shut down again, come December. All they have to do is claim cases are on the rise again. When people look at the recorded statistical data, cases were actually higher when the Governor lifted the second mask mandate, than when he first executed the initial one. His response to everything has been complete asinine. His panel of advisors also stated he lifted the masks only due to the political science and his public polls plummeting. Nevadans have had Covid shoved down their throats for over 2 years, while Florida (also a tourism State) has been living their best life in a thriving economy. Nevadans fled to freer States to enjoy places like AZ, UT, TX, etc. The people here are absolutely over the nonsense. Thankfully, many have discovered the truths and intend to vote certain elected officials out immediately; people just want to return to normal life without fear-mongering from government and government intrusion.

Education and local government officials have long asked lawmakers to change the way the state assesses property taxes. That includes raising the current tax threshold. Should lawmakers consider raising those thresholds? If not, what is the best way for governments to raise money for local programs?

Spending less will always be better than taxing more. I’ve signed the Taxpayer Protection pledge, vowing to vote against any proposal to impose or increase taxes. Throwing more money at it won’t solve anything; remember, we’ve done that before and schools did even worse. The current shortages are due to years of mismanagement and overspending. Does anyone know where the marijuana monies went to help get Nevada out of repeatedly ranking among worse in nation? Get the bureaucrats out and properly allocate monies the people have already paid. I support the Nevada constitution prohibition on personal income tax; it would otherwise be a form of bondage to the State and Nevada must be protected as a Tax-free, sanctuary State. Residents are not under-taxed and theState government is not under-funded. Government cannot tax the State or Residents into prosperity. I support repeal of the Commerce tax, which is ultimately passed on to the consumer and oppose imposition of Gross Receipt Tax, Commerce Tax, and any other taxes on business that will ultimately drive employers away from our State. The State’s forced emergency shutdown orders only exacerbated the budget crisis. I want the people empowered to assert their rights, so the prolonged abuse of emergency powers never happens again.