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Manny Kess


Manny Kess


State Treasurer candidate

Political Office


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How would you describe yourself to voters?

A business owner who is tired of career politicians lying and misrepresenting us the constituents. I’m the change we need to hold politicians accountable.

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

Transparency, accountability, the worst K-12 education in the nation and too many recycled politicians lying to stay in power.

Nevada’s treasurer handles the state’s 529 program which helps families access higher
education through prepaid tuition. How would your office go about securing those programs
for future Nevadans?

I believe that we should give families all the support and tools they need to provide their children with the best possible education. The 529 program is a great Avenue todo so. I will always support and look for ways to improve it.

The Treasurer’s Office is also responsible for managing the state’s investments. How would you
go about protecting the state’s financial investments from rapid inflation?

With so many changes in the world’s financial markets and investment opportunities I will work to keep Nevada on the cutting edge of those opportunities. I will also look to maximize any and all possible returns of our investment portfolio.

Lawmakers approved the State Infrastructure Bank during the 2021 Session. How would you
use that program to address the state’s affordable housing issues?

As the State Infrastructure Bank is new to Nevada I would like to see how it performs before making suggestions to expand or improve the program. However, I do believe that the best way to increase affordable housing in Nevada is through government support of private projects.