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In this issue, which comes out five years since the October 1, 2017, mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, we revisit survivors to see how that night has changed the course of their lives.


Barry's Vegan Meatloaf topped with truffle mushroom gravy
Photo: Barry's Downtown Prime

From plant-based purists to the vegan-curious, all can enjoy these delectable meat-free dishes

Like most cities, Las Vegas was traditionally a meat-and-potatoes town. But the city is finally catching up to vegan palates. Whether you’re looking for original plant-based creations or meatless versions of meaty favorites, there’s something for you. Here are five dishes that anyone — vegan or not — can enjoy.


Biscuits and Gravy at The Coffee Class

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I dare you to tell me you can taste the difference between Beth Ryan-Small’s Impossible sausage gravy and the real McCoy. The thick, peppery gravy is matched with impossibly flaky biscuits to make this a crave-worthy breakfast. 8878 S. Eastern Ave. Ste. 102, Las Vegas


Animal-Free Fries at Graze Plant-Powered Kitchen

This riff renders the great debate over In-N-Out Burger’s french fries moot. Vegan cheese has always been suspect, but Graze uses tasty versions of the product. The creamy queso, smoked tempeh bacon, and grilled onions make an excellent combination, but it’s the sturdy potatoes that really dominate their fast-food opposition. 7355 S. Buffalo Dr. Ste. 2, Las Vegas


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Vegan Nam Sod Khao Tod at Thailicious Authentic Thai and Vegan

Traditional nam sod is all about the pork. This small Henderson eatery swaps fried tofu for the pig. The little cubes of protein are firm, like the crispy rice that envelops them, and they commingle well with sour lime dressing. The entire dish is a celebration of tastes and textures.  19 S. Stephanie St. Ste. 160, Henderson


Vegetable Meatloaf at Barry’s Downtown Prime

How does legendary Las Vegas chef Barry Dakake get both the soft middle texture and the burnt crispy bits of traditional meatloaf in his vegan variety? With a lot of thought. A delectable combination of root veggies makes up the bulk of the loaf, and rich truffle mushroom gravy takes it over the top. Circa Resort & Casino, 8 Fremont St., Las Vegas

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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie at CRAFTkitchen

Of the multiple vegan options at this popular neighborhood eatery, the sweetest is, well, the sweet one. A mix of almond butter and oatmeal, plus the titular chocolate chips, creates an excellent chocolate chip cookie, vegan or otherwise. 10940 S. Eastern Ave. Ste. 107, Henderson



Nam Sod Khao courtesy of Lourdes Trimidal