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Sure, you can risk a grievous urinary infection by watching the bladder-burstingly long “The Hobbit” while elbow-scrapping over the armrest with grown men who believe orcs are real — or you can catch clever and engaging short films like “Seeing Other People” (pictured) with real actual adults at the legendary Dam Short Film Festival . Your bladder can thank me later. The 9th annual Dam Short Film Festival takes place Feb. 6-9 at the Boulder Theatre in Boulder City. Tickets $7-$75. Info:

Surely you remember “Feliz Navidad,” that modern holiday classic that played so frequently during the Christmases of your youth that by season’s end your frontal cortex was soaked like a sponge with that irrepressibly jaunty refrain — from the bottom of my heeeaarrt! Now you can hear it straight from the José’s mouth.  José Feliciano  performs 8 p.m. Jan. 19 at Club Madrid in Sunset Station. Tickets $29-$49. Info: