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M.J. Ivy

M.J. Ivy
M.J. Ivy


M.J. Ivy


Pastor & Faith Leader

Political Office

University Board of Regents District 7

Political Affiliation


How would you describe yourself to voters?

An Intelligent, wise and faithful individual that was shaped by his military and family values.

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

The first issue is choosing a new Chancellor that is a stakeholder in Nevada.

Next, is to increase federal funding for more research while increasing diversity in hiring for professors and administrators.

Lastly, we must increase enrollment as well as graduation rates amongst BIPOC.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing the state’s colleges and universities?

Funding, enrollment and pay.

In late 2021, former Chancellor Melody Rose filed a hostile workplace complaint alleging sexual discrimination and that some regents were undermining her. An investigation could not substantiate the sexual harassment, but it did note possible ethics violations. It also noted factionalism and tensions among board members. How would you, as a Regent, work to ease tensions on the board?

As a Pastor, I am mandated to find peace in all situations of tension. We certainly have a few tense issues in the board. I believe that honest conversation that is spoken with respect along with active listening, is the only way to solve problems and heal past slights.

What should the board look for in a new Nevada System of Higher Education Chancellor?

Someone from Nevada that is committed to seeing NSHE succeed even further. That has established relationships within the legislature and Governors office.