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Kristopher Dahir


Kristopher Dahir


City Councilman/ Pastor /Professor

Political Office

Secretary of State

Political Affiliation


How would you describe yourself to voters?

I am a citizen of this great country we call America. I have been a Nevadan for 40 years. My life goals are lived out daily by valuing those around me and helping others in whatever capacity comes my way. The experience, knowledge, training and skillsets I bring to this office are extensive and currently serve you now. My darling wife and I have been married for 29 years and we have two grown children. We will welcome our first grandchild to the world in September.

I have been a pastor for over 30 years, ran private education for 20 years, a professor for 8 years, a City Councilman for the City of Sparks for 6 years, a Rotarian for 9 years, a chaplain for our local Veteran's home for 2 years, and the president of Nevada Christian Institute for 1 year. My degrees are in Psychology, a minor in Christian counseling and a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership.

Boards and Commissions:
Community Homelessness Advisory Board
National League of Cities, Past Vice Chair of Community and Economic Development
National League of Cities, Vice Chair of First Tier Suburbs
Nevada League of Cities, President
EDAWN, Board of Directors
Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) Alternate #1
Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) Vice Chair
Washoe County District Board of Health
Western Regional Water Commission –Vice Chair

Other Local Boards
Nevada Christian Institute- President and Board Chair
Sunrise Centennial Sparks Rotary President from 2019-2021
Excel Christian School- Board President from 2016-2021
Nevada Veterans Memorial- Board Chair
Northern Nevada Sports and Recreations- NNSR President
ALS State Board Member
United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierras- Board Member
State Census Board

I bring active and ongoing leadership to the job of Secretary of State

What do you see as the top issues in this campaign?

The top issues are:
Recovery for Businesses- we must have an advocate for business on a state level
Voter Integrity- No one should ever feel need to question their vote
Securities Fraud- We must protect all but especially our most vulnerable from these scams

The real question for voters is not what problems we see, as these are pretty clear, but which candidate do you trust can lead us into health wholeness and a better tomorrow. Many candidates yell about the topic and have decided fighting and bringing law suits are the right answer. Though those are tools that may be needed, my commitment to you is to bring us to a better tomorrow through proven and experienced leadership instead of adding more chaos to an already difficult situation. I will bring accountability to our state and assure you as a local citizen are valued and are aware of what we are doing to assure wholeness on a state level. I will bring principled proven leadership to this conversation. Please watch me now if you have any questions as I am the only one running for Secretary of State that is currently elected and you can watch how I treat people and respond to the issues at hand.

In your view, what is the role and responsibility of the Secretary of State?

The Secretary of State is in charge of the State Seal and much like a signet ring used in days of old this seal stamps what happens in our state and makes history. The areas that we primarily walk with are business filings, voting, securities fraud, weddings and many other important details that need to be verified. It is important that our voters know that the SOS does not make law. We do get the opportunity to submit 8 BDR's (Bill Draft Request) in hopes of positively affecting our state. However, it is our legislators and governor who can change law or make law. Many people running for this office keep making empty promises and it is either because they don't understand the job or even worse they intentionally mislead the voter. We must work with our existing law makers in order to see any of the real change that many of us are hoping for.

The job requires a person who can administrate a staff of over 150 people, over 8 divisions with a 20 million dollar budget. The state relies on this office to correctly manage all business filings as it brings in over 200 million a year in revenue for our state. This office sits on a few very important boards:
• State Board of Prison Commissioners
• State Board of Examiners
• Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board
• State Records Committee
• State Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy
• Executive Branch Audit Committee.

I first wanted to run for this because I strongly believe our businesses need an advocate on a state level. After watching the last two years it was even more clear to me that there is no one standing up to speak for the local business. Then the 2020 election took place and a large portion of our Republicans found themselves questioning the results. Voter integrity is key to a democracy that we all can feel safe in and these concerns must be answered and the relationship with voting must be repaired. No one in this country should ever feel need to question the validity of the voting results and if they do it is our responsibility to bring answers.

Do you support tightening election security laws? If so, how?

I do support Voter ID. I believe there is a way to do this that does not minimize or obstruct citizens from voting. I strongly support the repeal of ballot harvesting. The unintended consequences of this law creates unethical situations and brings about the possibility of cheating. Currently there are ways being used through computer verification that allow our military to vote over seas, I want to implement this process for our shut ins and take away the problems that come with the law that was passed.

I want tighter regulations and practices followed as it pertains to adjudicated votes and voter rolls. The voting rolls is something now in the hands of the Secretary of States office and so I know we can easily remedy any questions surrounding that issue. The other conversations are in the hands of the law makers to make good decisions that protect our country and state. I also do not like that we send out mass ballots to all. This also creates questions and causes voters to have less trust in the practice of voting. I am not for hand counting ballots or for removing machines that help us count quickly and accurately. IF we do not like the dominion machines that is fine but a machine is the right answer for many reasons.

If a race is close there should be an automatic process that allows an audit and not require a candidate to make that choice. We can make this amazing and wonderful thing we do called voting above reproach.

There is a substantial part of the population that believes voter fraud affected the outcome of the 2020 election. How would you, as Nevada’s Secretary of State, work to assure voters that they can cast their ballot safely and easily?

I think the best way to take a huge step forward is to gather all of the Clerks and Voting personnel and work together to become the state that is most trusted as it pertains to voting integrity. Imagine building a team of people around the state who agree to bring transparency and accountability through each process. I am the kind of leader that brings people together and works towards real and practical solutions.

I also think who I am and what I have stood for over 30 years as a pastor and community leader gives me a foundation of trust. My goal will to step forward for all to see who I am and lead from the front of this issue. We will walk through all voting practices and explain what we do and how it works. We will educate and communicate more than people have ever seen from the SOS office.

As a pastor, I have sat with many people in marriages, businesses or friendships and asked for me to help heal a relationship because they feel there has been a breach of trust. For some, the relationship with voting has had a breach of trust. I know the only way to bring wholeness will be to communicate, educate and change behavior that causes people to question the integrity of the process.