How Southern Nevada can grow as lake levels, rivers shrink


2022 Perspective, Speaker, Audience

Nevada State College President, DeRionne Pollard, speaking at the 2022 Annual Las Vegas Perspective at the M Resorts Ballroom in Las Vegas.

Last week, business leaders left the M Resort’s ballroom talking about water. They were there for the annual economic forecast called, Perspective.

And they got some hard truth. We’re in a pickle.

Over the next few months, water overseers for seven states will figure out how to make drastic cuts to water use. Some 2 to 4 million acre feet, as much as 20% of the current use.

Those business leaders wanted answers. Even if those cutbacks are made, what if the drought remains? What if the skies don’t produce enough snow and rain to replenish the river?

How should Southern Nevada businesses move forward?


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DeRionne Pollard, president, Nevada State College; Brian Gordon, principal, Applied Analysis

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