Las Vegas scrambles to get more food trucks regulated


Lorraine Moss/KNPR

Customer placing order at Las Vegas based food truck

There’s no limit on what you can feast on from food trucks these days. And here in Southern Nevada more cooks than ever before want to break into the scene. 

At the same time, food truck builders can’t keep up with the demand and cities are scrambling to get all these new operators licensed. 

State of Nevada producer Lorraine Moss talked to city regulators and food truck operators on how they keep foodies happy while making truck operators comply with local ordinances. 

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Darcy Adelbai-Hurd, Business Licensing Manager, City of Las Vegas; Francisco Mares, Owner, Pancho’s Kitchen; Jocelyn Mares, Owner, Pancho’s Kitchen; Jonathan Ibarra, Owner, Ibarra’s Food Truck Builders 

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