Winter gardening In Nevada


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Editor's note: This segment originally aired on Dec. 15.

For those planning a garden or new landscaping. Is now the time to do it? Should you put in those shrubs in the backyard and plant some new trees while the soil is cold and now possibly damp?   

Norm Schilling, host of Nevada Public Radio’s “Desert Bloom” is here for your questions. Also with us, from Gardnerville in Northern Nevada, Wendy Hanson Mazet, an arborist and master gardener from the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. 

Schilling told State of Nevada that winter weather isn't what it was in Las Vegas, where an urban heat island and a changing climate have increased temperatures in recent years.

"I used to worry a lot about cold sensitivity in plants. but much less so now," he said. "The warming in this valley is pronounced; it's really really different."

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Norm Schilling, horticulturist, Schilling Horticulture; Wendy Hanson Mazet, Arborist, Master Gardener,  University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 


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