Protests outside public officials' homes: The need for more communication


Linda Cavazos

A group of protestors gather outside the home of CCSD Board of Trustees President Linda Cavazos.

Last month protests broke out in front of the homes of Clark County elected officials. They cursed, honked car horns, and chanted the thinly veiled expletive, Let’s go Brandon. 

Support comes from


And this came after months of similar behavior by the public-- for all to see --during meetings of the Clark County school board. 


Vaccinations, masks, the pandemic—it’s been trying. And they say true character emerges during times of stress. 


Is that what this is? Is this what we have to look forward to when the next national or state crisis happens? 


What’s happened to people’s self-dignity, their sense of decorum? Are they feeling so hopeless that screaming and chanting is the only way they felt they’ll be heard? Is that what they now want of their elected leaders? 


Emma Frances Bloomfield; Assistant Professor; UNLV Department of Communications Studies; Linda Cavazos, President, CCSD Board of Trustees; Tick Segerbloom, Clark County Commissioner, District E; Stephen Benning, Associate Professor of Psychology, UNLV

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