John L. Smith says Fiore brings flash, 'Brooklyn-girl tough talk' to governor's race


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Las Vegas Councilwoman Michele Fiore joins a crowded field seeking the Republican nomination for governor.

Firebrand Michele Fiore’s entry into the governor’s race is good news for fans of political theater, says State of Nevada commentator John L. Smith.

The Las Vegas councilwoman and former state lawmaker announced her campaign for the Republican nomination with a flashy video that shows her in a pickup truck, shooting guns, and meeting with Donald Trump.

“She does bring a level of color to the primary because that commercial spices things up on a slow news day,” Smith said. “I guess we'll see where it goes from here.”

Smith said that Fiore carries some political baggage, not the least of which is an apparent federal investigation into her campaign finances. She also has a record of gaffes, including a claim during a radio interview that cancer can be flushed from people’s systems.

“A number of her opinions are so far outside the mainstream that a lot of folks don't take her seriously,” Smith said.

Still, her “self-styled Brooklyn-girl tough talk” and “being an independent and an outsider and no fan of the press” could be assets in today’s Republican Party, Smith said.

While fellow gubernatorial candidate Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo might fear losing a few votes in Southern Nevada, Smith said Fiore’s candidacy could spell bigger trouble for North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee.

Support comes from

The Democrat-turned-Republican, who performed poorly in a recent Nevada Independent poll even before Fiore’s entry into the race, now has another Southern Nevadan crowding the field.

“It's early, obviously, and he's just coming out of the box,” Smith said, “but you know, the box seems to have nails in it.”


John L. Smith, commentator, State of Nevada

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