Young Student Gives Ailing Teacher The Ultimate Holiday Gift


KNPR/Chris Smith

Six-year-old Olamide Ajayi talks about his plan to gather donations to go toward his teacher's cancer treatment.

When 6-year-old Olamide Ajayi heard that his former home-school teacher Miss Lisa Bernauer was sick with cancer and struggling to pay her medical bills, he wasted no time springing into action. 

He prepared a money jar with her picture on it. He cut a video and put up a GoFundMe page. He even hit up a flight attendant for a donation. 

His goal? One thousand dollars — which he got in just a couple of weeks, and gave to the teacher he calls Miss Lisa just before Christmas. The generous donation will cover a month's worth of Miss Lisa's expensive medication regimen. 


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Olamide Ajayi, student; Jill Ajayi, Olamide's mother; Lisa Bernauer, teacher/mentor

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