Holiday Cocktails In Las Vegas


Scotch 80 Prime at the Palms Resort Casino. The restaurant's scotch master, Cody Fredrickson, recently shared tips for making the perfect holiday cocktail or mocktail. Photo courtesy of The Palms.

For many of us, the holidays are the best time of the year. 

We get a few days off work; spend time with our families and friends; wear ugly sweaters, or wear lampshades at the company party. 

Most of us don’t go that far. And a growing number of people don’t drink alcohol at all. 

Well, whether its cocktails or mocktails, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve reached out to several local connoisseurs to share a few ideas on alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks you might want to try over the next few weeks. 

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Cody Fredrickson, scotch master, Scotch 80 Prime at the Palms; Claire White, education programs manager, Mob MuseumMarc Siebmann: director of operations, ICEBAR at the Linq. 

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