Hangover Cures, Child Fatalities On Clark County Commission Radar


Courtesy Clark County

Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom speaks out earlier this year about absentee landlords who failed to maintain their properties.

Clark County Commission meetings can be a long list of mundane ordinances and business requests.   

But they can also discuss issues and proposals that can improve the quality of life for those in Southern Nevada. They can even be genuinely interesting -- especially Vegas-specific developments such as the hangover IV treatment business, a recent topic brought up at the last meeting. 

One to be brought up next week: Child fatalities, which have been happening too often. 

On a less morbid note, there’s also been talk about setting up an Asian American and Pacific Islander community group, which could lead to that community’s first cultural center. 

And Columbus Day? How about replacing it with Indigenous People’s Day? 

These are among the many concerns, proposals and agenda items of County Commissioner Tick Segerblom. 

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Tick Segerblom, Clark County Commissioner

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