The Wealthy, 15,000-Person Nevada Community You've Never Heard Of


Courtesy Spring Creek Association

Elko County's Spring Creek touts its blue skies and family activities

Think homeowners association, and squabbles over unkept yards might come to mind.

But the association for Spring Creek in Elko County runs a city — in almost everything but name.

The community has nearly 15,000 residents and 150 miles of paved roads. If it were incorporated it would be about the size of Boulder City … and it’s also one of the wealthiest places in Nevada.

Elko County’s gold boom has led to median household incomes of nearly $93,000, almost $40,000 more than median incomes statewide and in Reno and Las Vegas.

Jessie Bahr, president of the Spring Creek Community Association, says maintaining the roads and water lines account for the bulk of the association's annual $4 million budget.

Spring Creek is about 10 miles from Elko, 300 miles from Reno, and 450 miles from Las Vegas.

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Jessie Bahr, president, Spring Creek Community Association,

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