NV89 Celebrates Pride Month With Music

Heterophobia is one of several bands in Nevada that features at least one openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender member, and reflects the artistic and social values of that community.  


Why highlight these Nevada acts now, when Reno’s pride celebration doesn’t happen until late July, and Pride Las Vegas takes place in October?

June is LGBT Pride Month throughout the U.S., and who wants to be left out?  


Certainly not NV89, Nevada Public Radio’s music station in Reno. It’s playing music by Nevada LGBT artists like Heterophobia, and station host Dave Hadel has the inside track on these acts.  


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Heterophobia - "Anyone"

"As far as how they got their name, it's really kind of tongue and cheek. I was talking to Alex Alcantor, who's the guitarist for the band, and it's meant to be a little confrontational. 

Their live shows are very much the same way with how they present themselves. High energy. A lot of makeup. Black lipstick and heavy eyeshadow. They try to present their music in a way that is relatable to anybody who is interested but also presented through a uniquely queer lens."

How does it come out in the band's music?

"Their music is really about feeling who you want to become, the best version of yourself while struggling with the feeling of being trapped in unhealthy relationships. At least, that's what I got from the song 'Anyone' from their latest record 'Chlorine Dreams.' That came out in 2018 but after speaking with Alex Alcantor, the band's guitar player, he said they're releasing a new record later this year."

The Generations - "NYC Lady"

"Lead singer Cole Adams, originally from St. Louis, met up with Bob Wolden, another singer-songwriter, at a convention in L.A. that was focused on trying to hone songwriter skills.

But Cole Adams identifies as a transgender man with a very beautiful female voice. They recorded their latest album 'Stories From an Old House' back in 2015 and even included guitarist Greg Douglas on the record, whose recorded with the Steve Miller Band and now the touring drummer for Tears for Fears."

Do they sound like Heterophobia?

"The music of Cole Adams and the Generations is very much rooted in an Americana-roots style. A little bit of a different sound than Heterophobia for sure."

Chameleon Queen - "Lizard Princess"

"Chameleon Queen is a creation of 25-year-old singer-songwriter Memo Jesus Inzunza and he recorded the entire record himself in his bedroom. It's called 'Namaqua.' Released January of this year. But he does perform with other bandmates. Sonia Verde on bass and drummer Ramy Almerie. 

According to a recent interview with a local Vegas publication, the track 'Lizard Princess' is about a lizard girl living among salamanders. It's pretty interesting and kind of out there in the whole psychedelic realm of music."

Surf Curse - "Disco"

"The duo Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck originally grew up in the Henderson area of Vegas but have since moved up to Reno in about 2013. They've recorded three records now. The first being an EP 'Sad Boys' and then they released 2017's 'Nothing Yet.' They've gone to perform at Beach Goth Festival, which was curated by the Growlers and out at Coachella a couple of years ago as well."

What do we have to look forward to from this duo?

"This September 13 they're releasing their new record called 'Heaven Surrounds You' on Danger Collective, then they're starting out on a North American tour on September 14. That show is going to be here in the Biggest Little City. Then they'll be down in Las Vegas on October 17." 


Dave Hadel, station host, NV89

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