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Legislative Democrats Continue Push For Minimum Wage Hike

Legislative Democrats are continuing to push to raise the state's minimum wage. 

The Las Vegas Sun reports that their efforts are through two proposals, a bill and a proposed amendment to the Nevada Constitution. 

Under Assembly Bill 456, the minimum wage would increase to $8 or $9 an hour in July 2020, based on whether health care coverage is offered to employees.

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The minimum wage then would increase by 75 cents per hour annually each July until it reaches $11 or $12 an hour, which would be in 2024 if future Legislatures don't amend the law. 

Assembly Joint Resolution 10 would set the minimum wage at $12, but not until July 2024, and then only after ratification as a constitutional amendment. 

Nevada’s current minimum wage is $7.25 an hour for employees who are offered some form of on-the-job health coverage, and $8.25 an hour for employees who are offered ala carte health coverage by their employer. 

Governor Steve Sisolak has supported a minimum wage hike in the past, but not one that increased the wage all at once.