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Another Nevada Inmate Asks To Give Up Death Penalty Appeals

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Another Nevada death-row inmate is telling authorities he wants to give up his appeals and be executed.

Two months after Scott Dozier committed suicide while awaiting lethal injection, twice-convicted murderer Kevin James Lisle's handwritten note says he knows that waiving his appeals means he'll be put to death.

Lisle's request made public Monday needs to be heard in U.S. District Court in Las Vegas.

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Lisle's appeal there calls his 1995 trial in state court rife with legal errors, his death sentence improperly applied and his lethal injection doubtful after Nevada was blocked by courts from executing Dozier.

Dozier killed himself at Ely State Prison in January amid pharmaceutical company challenges of the state's lethal injection plan.

Lisle is 48. He was convicted of two killings in Las Vegas in 1994.