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FLDS In Short Creek Lose Access To House Of Worship

A polygamous group based on the Utah-Arizona border is losing the building where its members worshipped. 

It’s the latest sign that the sect run by imprisoned leader Warren Jeffs is crumbling and losing control of the community it ruled for the last century.

The church building was taken over last week as part of government-ordered evictions that have been impacting members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for the past year.

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Members have refused to pay property taxes and occupancy fees for homes and buildings in the Short Creek area, leading to the evictions.

Members now have no official place to meet, after the 53,000-square-foot building was taken over.

After a major leadership void in the church, however, due to charges stemming from a federal food stamp fraud case, some say the church hasn’t been used for the past six months.

The FLDS does not have a spokesperson to comment about the development.