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LA Mayor Garcetti Campaigns For Nevada Democrats


AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

In this Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018 photo Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti poses for a photo in front of a sprawling downtown Los Angeles landscape. (

It's been a busy few days on the electoral calendar in Las Vegas. 

On Thursday, President Trump led a rally at the Las Vegas Convention Center for Republican candidates on November's ballot. 

Former first lady Michelle Obama was here on Sunday, urging people to vote. 

And another Democrat -- who some say has eyes on a bigger prize -- was here Monday ... even if many Nevadans might not know who he is yet. 

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti came to Las Vegas to campaign for Democrats like Senate candidate Jacky Rosen and gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak.

Garcetti came at the invitation of the Carpenters' Union. He spoke at the union's convention in support of Democrats running for office in Nevada.

The mayor strongly supports unions. He told State of Nevada unions are a good way to ensure a positive future for the country.

He did not have kind words, however, for the current political system.

"Like most Americans, I'm sick and tired of a Congress that doesn't represent our values, and is more about dividing us and taking away from us, than adding to us and multiplying our prosperity," he said.

Garcetti said he wasn't in Nevada to introduce himself to voters in the Silver State. Instead, he said he is concerned about this November's election, and he wants to support the Democrats running for office.

Support comes from

The mayor pushed back on the idea that a vote for Democrats would push Nevada closer to becoming California, a concept used by some candidates.

"I think it is an old -- and becoming tired -- playbook to divide us as Americans," he said.

Garcetti said the idea is a distraction from issues that Americans really care about, like health care and wage growth.

Plus, he said, "Nevada will also be Nevada."

As the November election draws near, both parties are looking for ways to win. There are two schools of thought for a winning strategy for Democrats. Some analysts say Democrats need to tack to the left to win, and others believe they should be more centrist.

Garcetti doesn't believe either of those models. He believes winning is not about using an ideology measuring stick on candidates.

"It's about talking plain English and listening," he said.

He said Democrats shouldn't be wrapped up in the party, but instead should be listening to the American people and return to their long held idea of working for the underdog.

The mayor has been floated as a potential Democratic candidate in the 2020 presidential election. When asked, Garcetti didn't shy away from speculation.

"I've been very honest that I'm looking at this race," he said. "I hope every patriot in America is looking at it if they've got half a chance, given the leadership we have coming out of the White House. But I also think I can bring something different to this conversation -- but I'll turn to that after November."

Garcetti added, "Whether I run or not, I hope there are mayors who do look at the 2020 presidential election because mayors get things done."


Eric Garcetti, mayor, Los Angeles

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