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The Lyon County School District, which serves an area east of Carson City, is expecting to welcome nearly 9,000 students back to school at the end of August, up nearly 6 percent from a year ago.

Enrollment has been "increasing by a couple hundred to a few hundred students each year," said district Superintendent Wayne Workman.

"We feel the effect of the businesses that are in and around the Reno Tahoe Industrial Park [in Storey County]," he said. "Also, in Lyon County itself with some of the industry we have here, we’re seeing some growth," Workman said.

He said having the student population spread out over the 2,000 square mile, mostly rural county drives innovation at the district's five high schools.

"Each high school -- I don’t know if I want to call it a specialty -- but they will create programs based on the needs and desires of the students," Workman said.

He cited Dayton High School, known for its culinary training, and Silver States High School, which partnered with Western Nevada College to develop a manufacturing program.

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Wayne Workman, superintendent, Lyon County School District

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