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Reno Judge Faces Discipline For Derogatory Comments About Women

Washoe County Judge Charles Weller faces disciplinary action after allegedly making inappropriate remarks about women. 

The Reno Gazette-Journal reportsthat the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline yesterday opened a two-day hearing over remarks Judge Weller made at a meeting of the Washoe County Domestic Violence Task Force.

In a meeting with the task force, the Domestic Court judge women should be worried about proposed cuts to the Violence Against Women Act.  According to formal misconduct charges filed in January by the Commission, Weller said the cuts would, in his words, “put women back in their place.” 

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At yesterday’s hearing, a commission prosecutor said Weller’s remarks violated several judicial conduct codes requiring judges to "act and speak with decorum" and avoid bias, prejudice or harassment, saying that Weller also made repeated attempts to cover up the comments and keep them from going public.

If Weller is sanctioned, he faces possible suspension, probation or even a ban from the bench.