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After Supreme Court Rejection, What's Next For Tip-Sharing At Wynn Casinos?


Wynn Las Vegas

The U.S. Supreme Court has denied a petition from Wynn Las Vegas to overturn a lower court’s ruling on tip sharing.

The lower court had ruled that the casino must end its practice of requiring dealers to share 15 percent of their tips with supervisors.

The practice was first enacted in 2006 at Wynn Resorts and brought to Encore when that resort opened in December 2008.

Dealers first filed suit in 2009. Their latest case was filed in 2013 in District Court. They lost there but won on appeal.

Now that the Supreme Court has declined Wynn’s request to hear the case, both sides will now have another chance to be heard in District Court. 

So, what’s next?

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Ruben Garcia, Professor of Law and Co-Director of UNLV Workplace Law Program, William S. Boyd School of Law

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