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The Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act -- or SNPLMA -- has been a source of funding for many projects throughout Clark County.

The act, which was created in the late 1990s, allowed the Bureau of Land Management to sell thousands of acres of land in and around the Las Vegas Valley that was otherwise surrounded by private land. The money raised from the sale was funneled into a fund to be used for all kinds of projects most notably parks, trails and outdoor space.

In 2006, an amendment to the bill allowed some of that money to fund other counties around Nevada, including White Pine and Lincoln counties.

"It is hugely important," White Pine County treasurer Catherine Bakaric told State of Nevada. 

Most land in the county is owned by the federal government. That limits the county's tax base, Bakaric said. With $7 million in SNPLMA funds, the county has worked on 11 projects, including county parks and mountain trails.

They just finished fixing up an old Boy Scout camp with SNPLMA funds, including renovating an old lodge, improving sewer & water facilities and creating American with Disabilities Act-accessible camping spots & facilities. 

Now, the county is working on an old baseball diamond. They'll spend about $900,000 several changes, including re-enforcing the bleachers and the announcers stand.

Support comes from

They're also working on renovating the Northern Nevada Railroad Trails.

Bakaric said everything they have used the money on has been part of the community or the community's history.



Catherine Bakaric, treasurer, White Pine County

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