Are Latinos Represented Fairly On TV?

Emmanuel Ortega and Justin Favela are "Latinos Who Lunch." Their podcast is about Latino life. On the podcast, Emmanuel is known as Babelito; Justin is Favy Fav.

On a recent podcast, the pair tackled the topic of Latino representation on TV and in film.

“When we do have representation many times it is stereotypes or negative,” Ortega said. “I’m still waiting for myself to be represented on TV or film but there are sparks”

One show that showed a different view of Latinos was "Crestila," but unfortunately it only lasted a season.  

Another TV show that is gaining an audience is "One Day at a Time" on Netflix. It is a reboot of the classic 70s show starring Bonnie Franklin, Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips. 

In the new version, the family is Cuban-American. It stars Justina Machado, Rita Moreno, Marcel Ruiz and Isabella Gomez. 

“I think they’re having conversations that nobody else is having in TV shows,” Ortega said.

Favela agreed that the show tackles conversations that aren't talked about much, including mental health, veterans, immigration status, queer identity and colorism.

Eventually, they would like to see fewer Latinos used as a token friend or stereotype and more representation of the diverse group that it is.

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Justin Favela and Emmanuel Ortega , Co-hosts of the podcast "Latinos Who Lunch."

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