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Witness Says St. Sen. Manendo Repeatedly Contacted Her

State Senator Mark Manendo is gaining even more attention after Senate leadership launched an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reportsthat Manendo has repeatedly contacted a witness of the incidents and asked her to change her story. The source said Manendo asked her in a telephone call to contact investigators and change her testimony to exonerate him, and then sent repeated follow up text messages.

Those texts came even after Manendo had been asked to cease all contact. Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford hired an investigative law firm from Sacramento to investigate the sexual harassment complaints against Manendo.

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The firm was supposed to have finished its work before the session ended June 5, but was unable to do so because more complaints came to light during the investigation. Manendo was stripped of his chairmanship position of the Senate Transportation Committee and publicly admonished on the Senate floor by Ford on the final day of the session.