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In Budget, State Workers 'Not Being Considered Meaningful'

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Nevada state government employees are reluctantly hoping Gov. Brian Sandoval agrees with last-minute legislation and gives them a total 3-percent pay raise each of the next two years.

The surprise 1-percent extra that Democratic lawmakers introduced in the final hours of the legislative session won't come close to making up for pay and benefit cuts during the economic downturn.

They asked for 10 percent increases each of the next two years to get back to pre-recession rates.

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State workers tell union leader Harry Schiffman they consider the holdout "a sign of disrespect that we're not being considered meaningful."

Gov. Brian Sandoval agreed on Monday to increase their pay 2 percent each of the next two years.

He said Wednesday he is undecided on the additional 1 percent.