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County Moves Ahead With Plans To Place Bollards Along Las Vegas Blvd.

Clark County Commissioners said Wednesday they would begin accepting bids for a new safety feature down Las Vegas Boulevard in the form of hundreds of steel posts.

The posts would be placed between the street and the sidewalk in order to prevent cars from mowing down pedestrians. The project was partially prompted by an incident last year in which a woman purposefully drove her car onto a busy sidewalk, killing one person and injuring another.

Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak said it’s a matter of life or death and would like to prevent such an incident from occurring again. The initial project will entail installation of 700 posts on intermittent segments of Las Vegas Boulevard between Spring Mountain Road and Tropicana Avenue. When finished, the posts will shield about 3,200 feet of sidewalk from vehicles coming off the road and could be finished by early December.