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Lawmakers Approve Final Bills To End 2017 Legislature

The 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature has adjourned after lawmakers approved most of what few bills remained in the legislative process and adopted a change in self-imposed rules in their final hours.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval will decide whether, under Assembly Bill 206, Nevada will mandate that 40 percent of the state's electricity production come from clean energy sources by 2030. The state is currently working toward 25 percent renewable energy by 2025.

Lawmakers also passed Senate Bill 550, one portion of a  final budget deal, to send an additional $17 million to Reno and Las Vegas-area schools. The funds will be used in part to backfill an unintended  funding loss of $6.6 million in Washoe County, though it will not cover the district's budget woes.

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The final action legislators took in both chambers was to amend their Joint Standing Rules in a way that Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford says intends to make it easier for people to file harassment complaints.

In an earlier Monday floor session, Ford  admonished Sen. Mark Manendo, who is at the center of an ongoing sexual harassment investigation.