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Voters Elect Debra March As Henderson's New Mayor



Debra March has been elected mayor of Henderson.

Henderson voters gave Councilwoman Debra March a promotion to be mayor of Nevada’s second largest city.

She won 55 percent of the vote in a seven-way race, and because she received a majority, there’s no need for a runoff in the June general election.

March, who first joined the council in 2009, campaigned on her experience, which includes heading the Lied Institute of Real Estate Studies at UNLV.

She also led the Southern Nevada Strong regional planning effort and serves as vice chairwoman of the Regional Transportation Commission.

March told KNPR’s State of Nevada that she believes she was elected because she works collaboratively and is willing to work with all kinds of people to come up with solutions.

She also held 50 town hall meetings around Henderson to find out what people want from their government. A practice she hopes to continue throughout her time in office.

“For me, having citizens’ engagement and listening to what the public wants is really important to me, but also my background in real estate and land use have allowed us to work through some big challenges in Henderson,” she said.

March said some of the most important items on her agenda will be improving public safety, sparking more economic development and keeping her administration transparent.

Support comes from

Under March’s leadership, efforts to build Henderson into a health care hub will continue as will development along the city’s historic downtown district. A program is underway now to improve infrastructure along Water Street.

“I love Henderson,” March said, “It’s a great place to live, work and play. So much of what we’ve done in the past we can build on and make it even better.”

When she's sworn in later this spring she will become the city's second female mayor.

Debra March at Nevada Public Radio/Photo Credit: Brent Holmes

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Debra March, Henderson mayor-elect

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