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Are New Flights At Reno-Tahoe Airport A Sign Of Tech Growth?


Bloomberg via Getty Images

Reno-Tahoe International Airport is seeing an uptick in nonstop flights these days.

 Dallas, San Jose and Chicago are among the most recently added.

Reno's tech industry has also been growing over the past handful of years. but is this an indicator that tech business travel to Reno is on the rise?

Airport CEO Marily Mora said it is a combination of factors driving the increase in traffic to the airport.

Most of the traffic through the airport is still leisure, but growth in advanced manufacturing, technology companies and distribution centers is also behind the jump.

“All those different sectors are really pushing not only the passenger traffic but we’re also seeing cargo traffic increase,” Mora said.

Mora said over the last few years the airport has added 14 new flights to the market. Some are new flights like the one to Chicago, but others are flights that were dropped when the recession hit. 

"Southwest Airlines a number of years ago pulled out of the market for a number of short-haul flights and those have now been put back in," she said, "Alaska Airlines came in and back filled some of those flights."

She said demand for more flights has convinced carriers, including Southwest, to add more flights. 

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Marily Mora, president and CEO, Reno-Tahoe International Airport