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Scott Lien

Al Litman, the mayor of Mesquite, delivered his state of the city address this week where he focused on keeping his community a community, while also benefitting from the growth of nearby Apex Industrial Park. 

"We've got industrial park areas that are virtually 40 minutes away from Apex, with infrastructure already there, so we're set to take what they can't handle," Litman said. 

Mesquite, Nev., is one of Clark County’s rural outliers, located about 87 miles northeast of Las Vegas. According to Litman, the city's ability to fast track business licenses is a plus for businesses looking to relocate. 

"We've very quick, we've got incentives for land, so we're in a good position to expand our economy here, especially in the industrial area," Litman said. 

With the 79th Legislature in full swing, Litman said he's paying attention to the issues that could effect his community. Recreational marijuana, property taxes and minimum wage increases are on that docket. 

"Mesquite is, right now, the only rural community that has a medical marijuana grow facility and is positioned for a recreational one elso," Litman said. "The Governor has come up with an idea of a 10 percent tax which is game changing. 

"We could technically be pricing ourselves out of that game altogether." 

Support comes from

Litman, a veteran, has long advocated for veteran's issues in his community, and often takes part in veterans in politics discussions in the greater Las Vegas region. 

He said the biggest thing facing veterans right now is their access to health care. 

"The biggest problem right now is the understaffing at the VA," Litman said. "We have a beautiful VA hospital that's understaffed in almost every area." 

When asked what he thought the Trump administration would do regarding the VA, Litman expressed a bit of trepidation. 

"I've heard rumors that they would want to disband it, that would be a terrible disaster," Litman said. 

(Editor's Note: The constable of Lauglin Township corrected information from Mayor Litman that Mesquite is the only rural community in Clark County that has a marijuana grow facility. Laughlin also has a marijuana growing facility.)


Al Litman, mayor, Mesquite 

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