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Law Proposes Expanding Time Frame For Filing Sexual Assault Restitution Cases

Nevada lawmakers are proposing giving more time to people who were sexually assaulted as children to privately seek restitution.

Republican Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner of Reno said Thursday that victims deserve longer to realize what happened to them as children was wrong and seek compensation.

After a person turns 18, they would have 20 years to file a civil suit against their assaulter under Krasner's bill. Currently they have 10 years.

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It would also extend from three years to 20 years the limit for people under age 16 appearing in pornography to bring civil suits.

Assembly Bill 145 will be heard March 1.

It would build on a 2015 law that extended from four years to 20 years the limit for any victim of sexual assault to file criminal charges.