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Nevada Lawmakers Seek To Increase Hourly Minimum Wage To $11

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) — Democratic state lawmakers are proposing Nevada workers earning the hourly minimum wage get a raise each of the next five years.

Senate Bill 106 would increase the wage floor by 75 cents each year until employers who offer health insurance pay workers at least $11 an hour and those who do not offer it pay $12 an hour.

Nevada currently mandates most workers receive a minimum $7.25 an hour with health insurance or $8.25 an hour without that benefit.

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It is tied to the cost of living and federal minimum wage, but it has not increased since 2010.

Democratic Sen. Kelvin Atkinson of North Las Vegas introduced the bill Tuesday on behalf of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Labor and Energy. Democrats control the Legislature this year and are prioritizing wage increases.