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Sparks Senator Proposes 'Cursive' Bill

State Sen. Don Gustavson, (R-Sparks) , is proposing a bill to require Nevada students to learn cursive handwriting by the end of third grade. 

Gustavson’s cause began with the 2015 legislative session, and continued last week when he filed essentially the same bill draft that previously died in committee.

This time around, he believes testimony from history and education experts will propel SB86 into law.

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The Las Vegas Review Journal reportsthat Gustavson invoked the Founding Fathers and all of the original founding documents and letters that were almost all done in cursive writing, adding that he wants our citizens to be able to read both cursive writing and printing.

Common Core standards call for students to learn handwriting in kindergarten and first grade. The standards do not require cursive, but teachers can opt to include it. Nevada adopted the standards as the Nevada Academic Content Standards in 2010

Other states — including Florida, California, Louisiana and Alabama — have re-introduced cursive through legislation or adjusting state education standards.