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New Study: Is Eating Placenta Good For Mothers?


Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Pills are made from dehydrated placenta.

Eating placenta isn’t common among women who have just given birth, but the practice is growing.

Advocates say it reduces pain, increases energy levels and milk production, and generally eases recovery.

But those claims lack scientific proof.

The topic hasn’t been studied much, but a group of researchers at UNLV and UNR has set out to change that.

They've studied the presence of iron, hormones and minerals in placentas after they've been processed and put into capsules.

Their studies were conducted with help from Placenta Benefits, a Las Vegas-based business that helps women prepare their placentas.

Support comes from


Laura Gryder, project director, UNR School of Medicine; Sharon Young, program manager for undergraduate research, UNLV. 

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