Ed Fuentes And The Artist Known As "Bunko"


Ed Fuentes

The artist’s name is Bunko. Just Bunko. No first name, or none that we know of.  

Beginning Monday, October 24 and running through Friday, November 11, some of Bunko’s artwork - and also artifacts related to his life - will be featured at UNLV’s College of Fine Arts.

Bunko’s artwork is unusual to say the least.

Arts writer Ed Fuentes curated the exhibition.

BUNKO: The Lost Archives
October 24 - November 11, 2016
Reception: October 28, 6 p.m.
UNLV/MFA College of Fine Arts Midway Exhibition, Ed Fuentes

(Editor's note: This interview originally aired October 2016. Ed Fuentes passed away February 2019)

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Ed Fuentes is an arts writer based in Las Vegas. He's also an MFA candidate at the University of Nevada/Las Vegas. 



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