State Assembly District 17 - Ronald Newsome - Republican

Name: Ronald Newsome

Office: State Assembly, District 17

Party Affiliation: Republican


Question: Last legislative session, the major initiative was a tax increase to support education in the state. What should the major accomplishment of 2017 legislature be?

From stopping this from happening again. With what the opposing side wants will raise taxes more. We are taxed out! NO MORE TAXES!

Question: If recreational marijuana is legalized by voters in this state, do you want revenue from it to fund health initiatives, research and/or youth awareness campaigns?

If this passes, I would rather the money go towards lower health benefits for Nevadans, Lower or free higher educations for Nevadans that have schooled here more than 5 years! If and that’s just if, there is any profit, or anything left after the aforementioned than how about using it to build some funded museums, a planetarium, and other social needed things that other major cities/states have? Another “DARE Program” doesn’t work!

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Question: Many elected officials in Clark County say they’d like to see the property tax cap changed – that it's time because tax revenues aren’t meeting budgets. Is that an idea you want to see the legislature tackle?

NO! I will vote no to removing or raising the cap... No more taxes for Nevadans if I am elected.

Question: Do you support the construction of a taxpayer-funded NFL stadium?

No! Taxes are not made and for financing private owned business when we have schools, streets and other areas that government should only be allowed to use our tax dollars for. I do support a team coming to Nevada and having a stadium but not on the backs of hard working Nevadans for rich businessmen.

(Editor's note: The candidate's biography and answers were not edited for content or length)

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