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Clark County Commission - District B - Kevin M. Williams - Republican

Name: Kevin M. Williams

Office: Clark County Commission, District B

Party Affiliation: Republican


Biography provided by candidate:

My name is Kevin Williams and I am running for Clark County Commission District B. I have been a resident of District B for the past 22 years and find that we are lacking the support we so greatly deserve in our neighborhoods. As the next Commissioner, I plan to revitalize our district by improving infrastructure and bringing back much needed jobs so that the residents of our district can feel a sense of pride living and raising a family here. I am currently the Director of Facility’s for one of the largest gaming company’s in the world and have the knowledge and background to carry out this mission. With your votes, I know we can achieve this goal.

Support comes from

Question: The Regional Transportation Committee released a vision plan for transportation in Las Vegas that included many ways to address the growing city with 40 million annual visitors, one of those included an ambitious plan for light rail. If you could sign the paper that started immediate work on a new transportation project right now, what would that project be and why? 

Light Rail would be the most efficient way to move our visitors from the airport to our great Las Vegas Strip property’s as well as the Convention Center and arenas. This is basically a no brainer and the time for this massive project to get started is NOW!

Question: As the city sees its first professional sports franchise with an NHL team, and possibly others in the future – should Metro get the funds to beef up its force now in preparation for those events? If so, where should that money come from? 

I think that the budget for the extra police officers would need to wait until we have a better idea of what to expect, basically we don’t want to put the cart before the horse. We need to see what will be approved for construction so we can build that budget for the officers into a portion of the ticket prices to cover the costs.

Question: Most pressing issue in your district?

The most pressing issues in my district are the lack of services for the parks on the East side of the valley. We have Shadow Rock park that was built over 20 years ago along with a dog park that has no parking lot and no lights in a very dangerous area. The deteriorating neighborhoods that should be cleaned up due to squatters and gangs. The overwhelming homeless population wondering around in the neighborhoods stealing from cars and tossing the garbage from the recycling bins as they take all the cans and bottles for themselves instead of what they were intended for. These issues would never exist on the other sides of town but for some reason we have to put up with it. I intend to change the pattern of disregard for our neighborhoods and get these areas cleaned up so we can attract new business and opportunities for the people of District B to make a better life for themselves and their family’s. We also need to provide services to help the homeless get off the streets so we are not just pushing them from one area to another. It’s a big problem that will take great efforts to help the people that so greatly deserve it.

(Editor's note: The candidate's biography and answers were not edited for content or length)



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